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Incredible Isolation's

*** Welcome back readers! I pray you all are doing well. Today we're diving into the season of isolation. You've waited long enough, Let's jump in! ***

Isolation- to set or place apart; detach or separate so as to be alone.

With life comes seasons of many sorts. One specific season within our lives that often reoccurs yet interchanges with our growth is our seasons of isolation. This is a season where we find ourselves alone in a space. The space we find ourselves in can sometimes gather within the perception of a literal sense or a not so literal sense. Mental isolation is very much a thing. Emotional isolation is very much a thing. Spiritual isolation is very much a thing. However or whenever our season of isolation comes, I want to help transform the perception from a negative one to a positive one. This season is actually one of the most beneficial seasons we can go through in life.

I know it sounds insane and being alone doesn't always feel good but just hear me out.

Isolation is often the season or time that we discover the most about ourselves. If treated correctly, we can come out of isolation greater than how we went in. We are able to focus on what wasn't working for us and generate a new thing that does work for us. As a believer we are encouraged by the infamous scripture that is Romans 8:28 which states "And we know that ALL things work together for the good of them who love the Lord and are called according His purpose." The scripture that follows this reads " For whom he did foreknow. he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the first among many bretheren." (Romans 8:29) With these two scriptures alone, we can be sure that our seasons of isolation comes with an intentional purpose for our very existence.

Let's Get Practical

Maybe you've gone through a bad break up and the result of that break up caused you to question your own self worth. Maybe you chose to cut off a best friend who somehow was always the common denominator when it came to the drama that was happening in your life. Maybe you had a horrible childhood and moved away the second you had a chance to. Now you have to figure out how to rebuild what was taken from you as well as how to survive in a new environment. You were catapulted into isolation without a choice.

Well, I'm really happy you are reading this because I'm here to let you know that the feeling of separation is not meant to become a permanent feeling. You are only here to refocus and recharge.

Often times when dealing with these kinds of scenarios, the defining factor or purpose for your isolation is so that healing and self love/care can begin to take place. Somewhere we grew overly comfortable in a situation or with people. We never want to believe that the closest people to us will hurt us but when they do, we are lost and it feels like our world has crumbled. These feelings are normal to have at first but I believe they can be an indication that somewhere our values were misplaced; or that we've esteemed "people" so much so that when we face anything opposite to how they've brought us joy, we are distraught. When we have landed in our isolation season as a result of being broken, the antidote needed to rebuild us is self love/care and healing. This time is meant to serve as what I like to call a time for some "healthy selfishness." I believe processing what happened to you is extremely important. Allow yourself to feel the hurt, the pain, the tears and the anger BUT not for long. This isolation is not meant for you to beat yourself up about anything you've gone through or what has happened to you. Keep that in mind. This form of isolation serves as an alert that you are to have greater love for yourself FIRST. Begin to take hold of your situation and tell yourself "Although this hurt me, I will refocus on what makes me the happiest. I will pour back into myself what this person thought they stripped me of."

I want to express that after you've gone through your self care and healing, begin to adopt the mindset that your experience can now help someone else. A lot of times we can get stuck in that self love stage too long (yes, that happens) and then someone comes along in need of the answer on how to find the joy we now possess but we push them away. You can't be that wrapped up in yourself or build that high of a wall around your heart. Part of you has to be willing to still open up to people because not everyone is coming to you to hurt you, they are coming to find a cure.

Let's Get Spiritual

Maybe your situation is more spiritually based than it is practical and you're confused about your isolation. You've been doing all that you knew how to do but you find yourself in a space spiritually where you feel alone and over time you begin to question the place that you're in.

I believe these kinds of isolation seasons are meant to either test our faith, stretch us for something or purge us out of something. If we're honest for a second, we can get really comfortable after a victorious season and think we are "good" with God until he quiets the cheering and gets real up-close and personal again. It's like He has a magnifying glass lol because He is always pruning. All eyes are on us when God requires our attention and it's important to recognize that we are still in a spiritual war. While sitting in your season of isolation, could it be that God is looking to see how much you truly trust in His trans-formative power even after the doctor gave you a frightening diagnosis? Could it be that He's looking to see if your faith in Him will waiver since you haven't gotten the answer you wanted to your prayer or received it within the time frame you felt you should have received it? Could it be that He's testing to see how you endure greater challenges after you've been victorious over past ones?

Above all these things, it is meant for our good that we experience seasons of isolation because they are planted with purpose. I believe that in those moments (in it's entirety) God is locating you and expanding your territory but He needed to get you alone so that you can hear His instruction about your next assignment. Pastor Isaiah Saldivar talked about the voice of God being much like a whisper in a previous episode of his podcast "Revival Lifestyle". He uses the example of two people standing in a room full of other people. The one person cannot hear the other whispering from across the room because everything else going on in the room is noisy. The only way the person will be able to hear what the other is whispering is if they are close together. Adopt that visual the next time you find yourself in a season of spiritual isolation. Was the place you were in before you became isolated so noisy that you lost God's voice in the crowd? Really begin to ask God to examine your spirit in this season. Many reasons could be why you found yourself isolated. Be reminded that God promises to never leave us or forsake us (reference Hebrews 13:5). With that being said, I encourage you to also consider the possibility that maybe it is you who walked away from Him. I’ll just leave that there.

Let's Wrap It Up

Isolation is never considered "fun" when you find yourself there. It's quiet. It's lonely. It's uncomfortable sometimes. Although it is different, embrace it. It is a time to refocus, a time to heal, a time to draw nearer to God, a time to self evaluate. It can be extremely beneficial if you use that time for the right reasons. Our seasons of isolation is by NO means an indication that something is wrong with us. We are not being punished by having to sit in a season of isolation. You are being made great in your character, noble in your integrity, wiser in your perception of what is important. God is building you up, not tearing you down. Their is a season and a time for everything (reference Ecclesiastes 3:1-8) and a season meant for isolation is just that. A season. Seasons change and so that means you will eventually come out of it. Begin to see yourself stronger. Begin to visualize how incredible you will be at the end of your isolation season! Can you do that for me? ...until next time , Blessings!

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