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Gifts and Passions

**Hey Readers! This week we're talking about Gifts and Passions. Let's get into it!**

I posted a video posing a question on my social media last month about deciphering the difference between your passion and your gifting. I think when we hear those two words, it's safe to say that they are synonymous. I still really am trying to figure out which ones are my very own but what I am learning thus far is something I always feel like sharing with you all. The inspiration for this week's entry came from a podcast I listen to faithfully. The podcast is "Woman Evolve" by Sarah Jakes Roberts. When I tell you that it is a dream of mine to meet her and her sister Cora Jakes Coleman one day, I MEAN IT!. They are playing such an important role in my life right now as it pertains to mentor-ship. I love them.

So I was listening to an episode Sarah did last year 2019. I listen to my podcasts and audio books at work with my phone in my pocket so forgive me for not knowing the title or the timestamp of the exact episode. I only know it was recorded last year because I had finished all of the ones she's recorded for 2020 so far. They are just so good, I'm working my way backwards just so I can continue to feed on the wisdom and have more fun. When I heard SJR's definition of one's passion versus their gift, it really impacted me. I had the thought on my mind for the rest of that day.

Sarah's definition of a gift was described more or less about something you are good at doing and often times what comes naturally to you but you are not necessarily willing to suffer for the process that comes with walking in it. Her definition of what a passion is was described as something that can come naturally to you and also something you could not see yourself living without doing. It ignites you on the inside so much so, that you wouldn't mind suffering for the process that comes with walking in it. How powerful!

With these definitions, I began digging inside of myself. I began asking myself, What am I naturally good at but if I had to suffer for it, I wouldn't care to let it go? I also asked myself what is something that I could not see myself not doing in this world? What am I willing to suffer for? Ugh, how exhausting it was to sift through these thoughts. I continue to do it though. Here's the dilemma I came across...every gift or passion I've ever had has been one in helping people. Whether my dreams or aspirations were big or small, it always had something to do with building up someone else. This for me was a dilemma because there are ssooo many avenues of helping people in this world! How on earth was I supposed to just know?!

I started thinking about unique qualities within myself to give me some sort of clue. I came to the conclusion that I've always been a Writer. No matter the circumstances, experiences, tests or moments of pure joy that went on throughout my life so far, I've written about it somewhere. I've written them in my journals, I've written them in songs, I've created blogs after blogs just to be able to write openly and hope someone could relate and find it helpful. I'm grateful to have my own space with this website because now I have a home for my thoughts inside of this blogging section. I realized that if I couldn't write with pen and paper, I was downloading journals and diaries on my phone to write.

I love words. I love learning words and expanding my vocabulary. I am a deep thinker, so I study meanings and behaviors. Writing is how I process life. The truth is, if one day my hands fell off, I don't know how I'd function without being able to write but I would find a way without a doubt! I am obsessed with and would rather prefer to write in it's truest form, which to me means using a pen and paper. Now, my gifts are something that also makes me happy but if I lost my writing capabilities, I'd be more than depressed. With all of this said, I encourage you all to dig into yourselves to decipher what are your gifts, and what is your passion. What is that one thing that gives you the most freedom in doing? , the most exhilaration?

The overall point I'm trying to make here is that sometimes your passion can be something you unknowingly revert to doing every day. It doesn't always have to be a huge production of something you one day aspire to achieve. If you have yet to find out what your passion is, just begin searching yourself. Maybe it's something you do unknowingly because to you, it's just a normal thing. It is a part of who you are and it's the very thing that you wouldn't mind fighting for. What is that for you? I pray it be discovered in your life. I believe God wants to use it. I believe he wants to prosper you in those things you are passionate about.

Just to think, my life changed when I began to write. If not for writing, I believe I'd be very angry. They say journaling is a healthy way to release. Well, I've released so much that I have multiple journals stacked up inside of my closet and some of my entries were used to create my E.P that is soon to come. I'm just saying that God can use your passion to both prosper you and help prosper someone else.

I just wanted to help pick your brain tonight. This question was monumental for me so I really hope it blesses you all too. I think if everyone learned the difference between gifts and passions early on in life, it could be extremely beneficial. Not everyone wants to blend into a mold their parents created for them. Not everyone wants to work for someone else. Not everyone wants to be told how to do life. Life is it's own lesson and when you find your niche, run with it. It becomes a safe place for you when everything around you is going crazy. More importantly, "God can't bless you in who you pretend to be or who you compare yourself to, He can only bless you in the lane that was created for you."- Sarah Jakes Roberts <3

Until next time, Blessings!

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