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Can I Pray For You?

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

*** Lord I thank you for every reader who has logged on, clicked the link and/or searched the website tonight. I thank you for every soul that came in need of prayer or of a visual expression of what prayer is. I thank you that as this prayer enters the eye gates of your people, they will be receptive enough to receive this prayer and be changed by the words written here by the power of the Holy Spirit. ***

Lord I thank you that you are a divine miracle worker. I thank you that you are a protector. I thank you that you are a shield for many of your people in these last days. I thank you that you allow us to take refuge in you and feel safe. I thank you for every foreseen danger that tried to attack our lives and you stopped it. I thank you that you love us in ways we cannot comprehend. Lord I just thank you for being Lord of all. You are good to us. You are compassionate towards us. I thank you for your mercy. I thank you for your grace. I thank you that you think highly of us even when we don't think highly of ourselves. I thank you that you are a good God. I thank you that you never change and always remain the same. I thank you for your faithfulness towards us. You are the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. You are Alpha and Omega. You are the beginning and the end. You are God.

I can't forget to thank you for the blood of your son Jesus that washes away all sin. I thank you that even as we are here tonight, the blood of your son Jesus Christ is making us clean again.

Forgive us for the sins we have committed against you knowingly and unknowingly God. Forgive us for the times when we heard your voice and didn't answer. Forgive us for the moments we did not put you first. Forgive us for the sins we have committed and tried to hide from you. Forgive us of the secret sins we want no one else to know about. Cleanse our minds of unholy thoughts and perverted mindsets. Wipe away the residue of unclean talk from our lips. Open our hearts and remove what need not be there. Create in us a clean heart and renew in us a righteous spirit. Holy Spirit take inventory of our lives. Tonight we give you the permission. Holy Spirit we welcome you in. We want to be delivered of all of the burdensome and weighty things we have carried for years. We want to be free of the habitual sins we commit and the cycles we got ourselves in. Break the cycles within us tonight. Break the patterns of darkness within us tonight.

Tonight God I ask for a special encounter to be released to every reader. As the days go on, we are tried more and more because the enemy knows his time is running out. I pray for the believer holding onto their last strand of faith tonight. I pray for the unbeliever to come to the knowledge of you and know you true and true. Allow every reader to encounter your Holy Spirit in a new way that they may be encouraged again to withstand the fight. God I stand in the gap tonight and intercede for every reader who is unsure about their relationship with you going forward. I pray that for every person who is unsure to be filled with your love and reminded that you are still with them. I pray that they feel your love and compassion for them while they lay in their current situations. Help their unbelief in you. Father give us an undeniable encounter with your precious Holy spirit. For God you are the vine and we are the branches. We long to live fruitful lives and be pleasing in your sight. Help us to be pleasing. Help us in including you and consulting you before we move.

Tonight I declare victory over every reader standing in their current situations; I declare abundant living, joy and peace will be their portion in the name of Jesus. I partner with the Holy Spirit tonight as I stand in the authority that the Lord has given me to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome every power of the enemy. I declare that every demonic attack against each readers finances, families, marriages, relationships and personal lives be destroyed by the blood that is in the name of Jesus Christ. By the power of the Lord who sits in the highest heaven, I declare that all demonic curses tied to every readers lineage be broken by the blood of Jesus Christ. I declare that all demonic contracts with each readers name on them are cancelled by the blood of Jesus. I declare every word spoken against and sent out to harm each reader by a demonic witch, warlock, principality and every other worker of Satan operating in spiritual wickedness in high places be destroyed by the blood of Jesus Christ. I charge the angels of the Lord to go into battle against the demons and devils tonight on every readers behalf. I cancel all demonic activity from the north, south, east and west assigned to attack God's people. I declare that every door opened to the demonic realm by any addiction, perversion, substance abuse, molestation, rape or any wicked thing sent to destroy God's people BE CLOSED tonight in the mighty name and the trans-formative power that is in the name of Jesus. I renounce all legal rights given to the enemy over my life and God's people.

I release victory over their struggles and addictions in the atmosphere and in the homes of God's people. I release Joy and Peace in the homes of the weary, depressed and anxious as well as in their families. I declare God's blessings over them and their children, and their children's children. I release prosperity and success in the atmosphere. May every good thing be theirs in the name of Jesus. God I ask that you release fresh ideas and business plans to them. Meet every need not mentioned tonight. Give your people dreams again and a passion to chase you again. Give us a revival. Revive our spirits again. Revive us so that we may shine the light you gave us in this world to every unbeliever. Revive us Lord. Keep us close and teach us your ways Holy Spirit. Remind us of your goodness and mercy God that we may not stray away. We confess that we cannot make it without you. We don't want to miss you. We want to stay with you always. Help us God. Help our unbelief. Holy Spirit speak to us louder than before and ignite within us the will to do right. Ignite within us the will to be holy. We want more of you Lord. We want more of your power and your love. Fill us until we want no more Jesus. Release to us a fresh anointing over our lives. Give us a new encounter with you. Strengthen our faith in you. Empower us Lord. We want to fall in love with you all over again.

Cover and watch over every reader as they sleep Lord. Let no demonic force enter their homes tonight to torment them. Cover every home with your precious blood and grant good rest to us all. Lord I seal every word written tonight with the precious blood of your son Jesus Christ. I believe and stand in agreement with every reader tonight and we thank you in advance for our freedom, our deliverance and our victories in you. All these things I declare is done by faith in Jesus name, Amen.

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